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 the rules for this forum

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PostSubject: the rules for this forum   Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:24 pm

1. No Breaking the Rules
2. No Sexistism
3. No Racistism
4. No Ageistism
5. No Spamming
6. No Being Mean
7. No Godmodding (AKA doing things no one else can do such as saying 'Kuro flew through the sky.' Your character can not fly unless they have wings.)
8. Always RP in third person (Story format). If you don't know how to RP, check out the topic.
9:Listen to admin
10: Sex is allowed, but your character must be over 15 or over,
11. No advertizing anywhere but in the general chat area
12: No advertizing on the chatbox
13: Have fun!!!

1. no rping in a base without permission from the leader, if you aren't a member, or if you aren't with a member
here are the chatbox rules

1: NO ADVERTIZING ON THE CHATBOX! I already made a rule for this, that you can only advertize in the ooc part of the forum, but some people don't seem to get it. I have seen many people advertize on the chatbox no matter how many times I have told them to stop, and I must warn you, YOU WILL GET BANNED if you do it.

2: No sex on the chatbox. Do you really think people want to see that?

3: No spamming. You know what that means, but I have seen people do it many times.

4: No constant cursing. You can curse a little, but don't keep doing it.


this is how you get punished if you break the rules. No exeptions.

1: first time you break a rule you get a warning.

2: second time you break a rule you get banned for one day.

3: third time you break a rule you get banned for a week.

4: forth time you break a rule your banned forever.
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the rules for this forum
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