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 Rping terms

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PostSubject: Rping terms   Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:14 am


IC Also known as In Character is a term used widely without spelling out the wording In Character. In Character is the action of which someone acts within their Character. This means in a simpler term that they make their character move within the Character Realm.

OOC Also known as Out of Character is a term used widely without spelling out the wording Out of Character. Out of Character is the action that does not deal with anything In Character. This is a statement where a person may talk to another user without their character interacting. This is usually used during a chat form, discussion form that does not deal with the actual RP.

Example: (OOC: I just want to say that I hope we enjoy Roleplaying with each other. I am joining in to help.)

Godmodding Mispelling of Godmoding & God Modding in rpg and forum settings, thus the meaning is the same. The term applies to "Godly-modification"; or "Godlike-modification" to a character, through skills such as evasion and the like, as well as the character's personality which usually consists of a superior "I know all, see all, and am all", et cetera. The singlemost annoying and obnoxious gamers on the planet. Tend to act like 7 year olds when they don't get their way during games of pretend, i.e. - Bang, you're dead! Yeah huh, I killed you and you can't play anymore! Those who believe they are gods never taking a hit. This is the most defiled form of Roleplaying. Don't do it.
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Rping terms
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