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 Raiden Tenma

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Raiden Tenma

Raiden Tenma

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PostSubject: Raiden Tenma   Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:36 pm

Name: Raiden Tenma

Age: 21

Village: Village hidden in the Clouds

Element: Lightning and Wind

Specialty: Ninjutsu and Weaponry/ Taijutsu

Primary weapon: His sword, Ikazuchi-Unari:Thunder Roar , the sword has the ability to use Raiden’s Chakra to make the sword be incased with lighting

Clan: Tenma (made up)

Appearance: look at ava.

Rank: ANBU

S-Rank missions = 523
A-Rank missions = 341
B-rank missions = 104
C-rank missions = 22
D-Rank missions = 0

Being the son of one of the most powerful shinobi(his father) in the village, he was named Raiden Tenma meaning Thunder God. The Tenma clan was a very powerful and highly respected in the village. Raiden's father was the leader of the clan, so there were very high expectations of Raiden, and he lived up to every single one. From the very beginning Raiden was a prodigy, learning and mastering Jutsu at a very alarming and early age. Raiden never did have a real childhood or friends. His father always pushed his training on Raiden. His father believed that "his son had to be the best, he can't have a weak son it would disgrace and dishonor him and he couldn't show his face around the village if he didn't become strong". Raiden was bitter and hated his father for taking his childhood away and forcing him to train nonstop. Raiden never knew his mother, she died at birth. His father always reminds him of this too, adding to his rage. When ever he was struggling in his training his father would say "It's because of you your mother is dead, at least be worth something or did she sacrifice herself for a piece of garbage".Raiden had a sister but she was outcasted because "she was worthless and shamed me" Raiden's father would say, so Raiden never knew his sister either. It was just his father, him, and the other clansmen that he never knew they were basically strangers to him, even through they were of the same bloodline.

By the age of 4 Raiden passed the Chunin exams with flying colors, making him the youngest in the village to pass. By age 12 he was made ANBU by the Raikage, he is now the same rank as his father . He was even chosen next in line for Raikage, for when the current Raikage either died or retired. When he was given missions he always completed the task very quickly and usual with no casualties. But still his father wasn't satisfied; Raiden had to be the best shoubi in the world. It was then he was sent to a top-secret mission, where all his teammates were killed and he was badly injured when he realized how much he hated his father. Hours and hours of thinking in the hospital bed , made realize why is he fighting for, protecting, and almost killed for a man that he hates, a man that was never proud of him, no matter how much he will achieve in life will never be good enough, always blaming him for his mother's death. Raiden was sick of it; he was tired of living just so he wouldn't shame his father. Raiden decided to be a rouge ninja and escape from this life, live a better life. He didn’t care where he went or what he would become as long as he choose it.

The night of Raiden’s departure, at the village gates his father tried to stop him, Saying "you can't became a rouge ninja and just leave you know how to would make me look”. Knowing his father still doesn't care about him, he continues to leave. But then his father tries to stop him again, by jumping in front of him, He starts yelling "DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT HIS CLAN, YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE AND DISHON....." Raiden slaps him across the face; he then says "How dare you, why should I care about them or you. You treated me as a tool just so you can be respected in the village, now step aside I’m leaving”. Raiden’s father refusing to moves starts shouting “Where are you gonna go, you are nothing without this village and clan”. Raiden’s father forms a couple clones and they lunges toward Raiden with Kunai and screams “I’ll show you what happens when you disrespect me”. Raiden with lighting fast reflexives disappears, And Raiden’s voice echoes out “I’m going to search and find my sister and maybe have a family that cares for me”. Raiden’s Father now furious screams “I’ll track to down and kill you, NOBODY makes a fool of me!” Raiden’s father specializing in and being a Hunter-nin (a special division of ANBU that tracks down rouge ninja and kills them so they don’t spread the village’s secret to other villages.

Fast-forward to present day, Raiden is now 21; the night with his father was 5 years ago and Raiden had made no real progress toward his sister except he found out her name was Aki Tenma and she was 34 years old and she was 14 when is was outcasted (Raiden was 1 at the time) Raiden still doesn’t know why she was outcasted for. Raiden is now a Mercenary for hire, so he has money to aid him on his search, offend though his current profession distracts him from finding his sister.

Lightning’s Shine
Rank: C
An attack to temporary blind the opponent with a bight light

Lighting clones
Rank: C
Raiden’s version of shadow clones, except the clones body is made up of lighting, thus if the enemies should strike one of the clones he/she would be electrocuted, making physical impossible for the enemy.

Fist of the Thunder god
Rank: B
A gigantic strike of lighting rains down from the sky and pinpoints the enemy, if stricken enemy is reduced the ash due to the intensive strength of the strike.

Shi-Rudo: Inpenatrable Chakra shield
Rank: B
Using his own Chakra Raiden makes a shield to protect himself, that is pretty much impossible to break.

In the Shadows
Rank: B
Primary an ANBU Jutsu, used to spy. Raiden is able to hide and sneak in the shadows to not be detracted. Could be used for battle.

Wind scythe
Rank: B
Raiden is able to use wind and form them into blades, which are sent toward the enemy

Wind Tornado
Rank: A
Sucks all around in the vertex, which if inside you’ll be cut into a thousand pieces, due to the wind acts like scythes because of Raiden’s Chakra, then done the entire area looks like a wasteland due to the destructive power of the attack. Raiden can only use this technique when inside his Shi-Rudo , or else he would be sucked in as well with his enemy.

Toshihiro: the twin headed wind/lightning dragon
Rank: A
A lightning and wind element Jutsu, where Raiden chakra is used to form a two headed dragon, one head is wind element and the other is lighting element. Toshihiro heads shoot either lightning strikes or Wind scythes, depending on the head.

Summoning Jutsu: Raiju the Thunder Demon (my sig.)
Raiju is a huge beast with enough strength and power to rival a tailed beast. To summon him requires massive amounts of charka . Raiden risks his life very time he summons Raiju, because he is unpredictable, so Raiden doesn’t like to summon him unless it’s a last resort.

Tenma Ultimate Jutsu: Burakku Kobushi
Rank: S
Only those of the Tenma clan are able to perform this attack. It takes years of training, even most Tenma clan members can’t master this Jutsu, Raiden is one of the very few to learn this legendary attack. It is the highest attack a Tenma clan member can use. It can’t be copied not even by the Sharingan eye.
An aura surrounds the users hand, making the users hand glow red. If stucken with attack internal organs and blood vessel burst and muscle tissue deteriates from the users chakra, the pain is intense for the person. This attack hurts the user as well with same symptoms just to a weaker degree. Raiden only use this technique in emergencies.

Raiden’s Sorrow
Rank: S
An attack that only Raiden knows, an attack that is fatal to both Raiden and his opponent(s), only to be used if all else fails. First Raiden uses Shi-Rudo to trap him and his enemy(ies) , then Raiden uses his own chakra as a bomb, destroying everything inside his shield. Afterwards the shield lowly fades.


Raiju the Thunder Demon, I summon thee to do my biding!

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PostSubject: Re: Raiden Tenma   Sun Mar 15, 2009 2:08 am

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Raiden Tenma
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