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 Raiden's Everlasting Quest

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Raiden Tenma

Raiden Tenma

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PostSubject: Raiden's Everlasting Quest   Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:48 am

Raiden is on his everlasting Quest to find his sister, his searches has brought him to the Land of Water. Where the mist is thick, Raiden can barely see his own hand in front of his face. Raiden soon finds himself in front of a lake shrouded by the mist, he then spots a vague figure walking on the body of water. As the figure closes in, Raiden quickly hides in the branches of a nearby tree. Raiden Studies the figure with his Kunai Knife ready, as if he was a Lion hiding in the savanna grass ready to pounce on a unsuspecting Antelope . As the figure starts to become clearer Raiden shoopes down from the top of the tree with the speed of a hawk trying to catch it next meal, Raiden grabs The mysterious Figure, Raiden presses his Kunai against the figures throat. Raiden then asks "Who are you? and what business do you have here?"


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Raiden's Everlasting Quest
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