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 Shizune ((I is fun))

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PostSubject: Shizune ((I is fun))   Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:46 pm

Name: Shizune
Age: 31
Rank: Hokage assistant
Village: Konohagakure
bio: Shizune is the apprentice to the Leaf Sannin Tsunade. She is trained in many medical jutsu and carries the pig familiar Ton-Ton.

While serving as Tsunade's pupil, Shizune left Hidden Leaf to accompany her sensei, who was also the lover of her Uncle Dan. However, she still loved her home, and when Jiraiya and Naruto offered Tsunade a chance to return as the Fifth Hokage, Shizune was excited. She quickly formed a bond with Naruto, and had her loyalties torn when it appeared Tsunade would betray the Leaf. Later, she joined with her master in battle against Orochimaru but she was beaten in battle by Kabuto.

When Tsunade finally accepted the job as Hokage and returned to Konoha, Shizune returned with her and went on active ninja status again. Her medical talents helped save several ninja who were seriously injured; including Raidou, Genma, Neji and Chouji, who all had fallen in battles with the Sound Four.
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PostSubject: Re: Shizune ((I is fun))   Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:58 pm

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Shizune ((I is fun))
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